Thursday, 19 January 2017


As you know, every Thursday afternoon, 3-4pm, is #AycliffeHour on twitter - an event which I cannot see how any local business or community organisation dares to miss! At least, it is a perfect opportunity to get your *name* out there - free advertising to tens of thousands of people, on a weekly basis. Many thanks to the people who run #AycliffeHour each week, Thrive Marketing Ltd and Martin Walker.
Too busy? Why not use Hootsuite to prebook a tweet? All you need to do to get your message out to the world is tag it #AycliffeHour.
I am in a Planning Meeting this afternoon, so am not sure I will be able to make the #Hour, but - as I always do - here is a list of all the things I would have wanted to tell them, and if I only get to send one tweet, I will be directing them to this post. How can people respond to you if no one knows about you?






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