Thursday, 3 October 2013

Pick a side and step along...

A tweet by Labour Left partisan @MagsNews has summed up the conferences and hit the nail on the head for me: 
"Cameron turns his guns on young claimants while Mr Miliband puts energy moguls in his sights."

The Fat Cats state their case
It sums up the current difference between the parties, and gives us a real hook for campaigning: 

Who do you blame for the country's current problems - the NEETs, or the fat cats?

Of course, the fat cats - along with IDS and the Daily Mail - would have us believe that it is the NEETs, with their lazy 'something for nothing' attitudes, who are bringing this country to the verge of collapse. The fat cats call themselves 'wealth creators', and tell us that unless we give them more and more money, we risk armageddon.

Personally, I've know some NEETs who were naughty, but they've never struck me as being in the 'destroyer-of-worlds' category. Ultimately, I cannot see the justice in punishing people for some misfortune of health, redundancy or birth. It strikes me as simply unfair to fine people for having a spare bedroom when there are no other houses available, or to sanction jobseekers when there are not enough jobs.

The Tories are bailing out the bankers, handing over the NHS to the corporations, giving tax breaks to the rich - everywhere I see the fat cats being rewarded ... but for what? There is no 'trickle down', and things are simply getting ever-harder for the majority. 

The Labour alternative
By contrast, Ed has set out a Labour stall which promises an appropriately firm approach to welfare and spending (nobody is suggesting that we want class war) ... but which nevertheless also demands an appropriate contribution to the benefit of society from the fat cats

No wonder they and their media lackeys are squealing.

Labour is saying that it's time we ALL played our part for the good of our society.

Pick a side and step along.

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