Wednesday, 30 May 2012

NEC Ballot - A View From Aycliffe

OK, my ballot papers arrived in the post today, so this is who I’m voting for and why.
I wondered whether it was maybe a presumption to post my voting intentions, and I certainly wouldn't want to sway you from your choices.  However, I usually share most of what I think about politics, so why should this be any different?
So, without prejudice:

* Luke Akehurst – tireless campaigner, principled, anxious to debate – a man with the clout and the desire actually to get an increased say for the rank-and-file.
* Lewis Atkinson – north-easterner, principled, energetic … and a brilliant manifesto in the booklet.
* Johanna Baxter – again, very energetic … and someone who takes accountability and reporting-back seriously.
* Ann Black – authoritative, respected, experienced … and a much-needed left-wing voice.
* Darrell Goodlife – outspoken, enthusiastic and a principled man with fine principles.

After that, whom does one choose from people you don’t know about?  After a degree of agonising (Christine Shawcroft seems an excellent candidate), for better or for worse, I eventually went with:


* Peter Wheeler – because he is from the north, and goodness knows we need a voices from outside London.

Really hard, because there has been so little out there – I tried to suss them out on the web, and one of my criteria was that a modern campaigner ought to have a web presence.  I also read their manifestos in the booklet. 

Eventually I went with:
* Nick Forbes – leader of Newcastle Council (obviously a top-class candidate).
* Nick Wallis – from Sedgefield (our local man), who seems very reasonable and approachable.

After that, again, who to choose from people you don’t know?  After a degree of agonising (Brynnen Ririe seems an excellent candidate), for better or for worse, I went with the following, on the grounds that they had a stronger web-presence:

* Liz Twist – a NHS Unionist, and who will be a vital voice in Labour policy-making.
* Veronica Killen – higher education unionist, and from what I have been able to find out, it seems like she will be a (much-needed) voice from the Left.

Police and Crime Commissioner

(Remember here that you have to number the candidates 1-3 – your vote will be discounted if you just mark one candidate with an ‘x’.)

After a very lot of agonising I went for:
1. Ron Hogg – on the strength of his faultless presentation to our Branch meeting, which showed him to be a man with sufficient experience, and a fine Labour vision for what might be achieved.
2. Peter Thompson – currently head of Durham Police Authority, principled and popular … a fine man.
3. Bill Dixon – well-recommended from within the CLP.

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  1. 18/06/2012: news that Ron Hogg was selected as Labour's candidate for PCC: