Thursday, 19 April 2012

We Should All Do A Little To Help Bahrain

We cannot do much to end the nightly violence in Bahrain; but what little we can do, we ought to do:

At last, with this BBC article, the #Bahrain scandal has hit the mainstream - and about time too.

There has been ongoing government oppression there for more than a year, but the West has been desperately slow to act/react. Now, #F1 have forced through the Grand Prix on Sunday, which will merely give validation to a dreadful regime.

The #F1 may go still be going ahead but we can still #boycottBahrain.

What Can I Do?
The best thing to do would be to refuse to watch the Grand Prix as a gesture of solidarity.

However, if you cannot make yourself do that, take a note of the companies which are advertising on the track and on the TV as you are watching, and contact them to tell them that you are going to boycott their product because they supported the Bahrain Grand Prix. At least that will make them aware next time that they must take human rights issues into account - Grand Prix races should not merely be about hedonistic indulgence.

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  1. Thank you for these kind words. I am confident the people of Bahrain (from all parts of the Community) will be pleased you have blogged on the subject. The simple truth is the Bahrain regime have hijacked the #F1 and turned it into a blood sport akin to the days of the Romans with a big thumbs down to those who want better more accountable Government. Please note the "UniF1ed" logo the Bahrain Regime has adopted. It demonstrates the way in which the Regime is using the sport to legitimise itself. It was Bernie Ecclestone that said Politics and sport should not mix.