Tuesday, 20 December 2011

To the man who has just tried to kill me...

We both know that I was in the wrong lane.

This was the result of a wrong lane choice half-a-mile earlier which meant that – as the traffic was moving quickly in two busy lanes – I was unable to change into the correct lane as we approached the roundabout.
Thus I found myself in the wrong lane on the roundabout.
Sorry, but it’s hardly the greatest traffic crime.

I tried to manoeuvre carefully. I went round the inside of the roundabout slowly, and waited for a break in the traffic in the outside lane.
Then I indicated left as clearly as possible, and tried to move across into the gap.
I did so apologetically (though you weren’t of course to know that) because it DID involve you allowing me to join your lane of traffic in front of you … perhaps you might
even have needed to slow down ever-so-slightly?

However, I object strongly to what you did then, which was to pull forward and close the gap. This forced me, first onto the cross-hatches, then into the middle of the road facing the oncoming traffic.
I cannot for the life of me explain why you did this – presumably you were trying to punish me for my incorrect lane-choice by forcing me headlong into an oncoming car?

Fortunately, the driver behind you was less homicidal than you, and allowed me to join the traffic, though it caused him a great deal more inconvenience than it would have done you, because by that time I was almost stationary.

You now know from this blog who I am, and if you care to contact me I am sure I can explain to you more forcefully what I think about your driving.

I want you to know that I regard your actions as attempted murder.

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