Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Response to Eon's 'the Isles' Application

I do not ‘prefer’ ANY of your options.

I am totally hostile to the entire application, at every level.

- I do not agree that wind power is a solution to the energy problem – it is and always will be unreliable and is unviable without support.

- I do not agree with wind farms – the system of subsidies is merely a rapacious burden on customers which is driving many of them into unnecessary fuel poverty.

- I do not agree with ‘the Isles’ proposal:

1. because this area already has more than its fair share of wind farms.

2. because its visual, environmental and (arguably) health impact will trash an area which, economically more than ever, we need to be attractive to others.

Please record my unmitigated hostility to every aspect of your application.

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